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About Us

Snug inside a Civil War-era brick and stone building beside the landmark Venezia Restaurant, vintner Ralph Bruno has opened the doors to his new pride and joy: The Boston Winery - the only winery of its kind in New England.

A love for wine and a passion for winemaking

Boston Winery - About Us

It was Ralph Bruno's dream to share his knowledge of making superb wine and to teach others how to enjoy this experience. From his childhood in Abruzzi, Italy, where his family was known for making excellent wines, to his adulthood in the North End of Boston, Ralph Bruno has always had an appreciation of family, friends, food, and wine.

When Ralph was a teenager, he purchased a bakery in the North End, where he made delicious Italian breads and biscotti. Ralph continued to perfect his winemaking skills at every opportunity. For the past twenty years, Ralph has listened patiently to the opinions of friends and family about their love of wines and their adverse reactions to many commercial wines. Over the years, Ralph has developed a solution to the problems of commercially imported wine: Boston Winery.

 About Boston Winery

Now he is sharing his remedy by teaching others to make their own! Mr. Bruno and his team of winemakers at Boston Winery are the winners of 45 prestigious awards. Our repertoire features a variety of wines, from crisp whites to bold reds. Boston Winery’s wines are all-natural with no added sulfites or preservatives. Taste the flavorful difference of exquisite wines, homemade at the hands of some of the finest Californian and European winemakers.

"Life is about family," says Mr. Bruno. "It is about good times, food, wine, friends, music, and conversation." In this manner, the Bruno family continues to share their knowledge and experience making great food and wine, and helping others learn to enjoy the benefits of good living. Mr. Bruno continues, "If you put all the riches and money in the world together and it disappeared... what would anyone have left? We would have bread and wine. And I would know how to make it, and share it with my family and friends. That is what life is all about."